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Unveiling the Synchronicity: Schumann Resonance, Sacred Symbols, and the Renewal of Human Potential

In the vast realm of interconnectedness, there are moments when the universe seems to whisper its secrets, urging us to explore the profound links between seemingly disparate phenomena. One such intriguing connection lies within the enigmatic realm of the Schumann Resonance, a natural electromagnetic phenomenon, and the profound symbolism it reveals. As we delve into this fascinating tapestry, we discover how the codes within the Schumann Resonance are said to renew our twelve strands of DNA, and how this synchronicity intersects with the transformative energy of Pellowah healing. It is no coincidence that you found yourself on this path, for within this cosmic dance lies the potential for profound spiritual awakening and personal growth.

The Schumann Resonance and Sacred Symbols:

The Schumann Resonance refers to the electromagnetic frequencies that exist within the Earth's ionosphere. Originally discovered by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, these resonant frequencies are naturally generated by the interactions between the Earth's surface and the cavity formed by the ionosphere. It is believed that the Schumann Resonance has a profound influence on human well-being and consciousness.

Image of Schumann Resonance reading June 18th 2023

In recent times, there have been intriguing reports and theories suggesting that the Schumann Resonance readings exhibit patterns resembling sacred symbols, such as the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, or other geometric shapes with deep spiritual significance. These symbols, found within the Schumann Resonance, may be seen as a reflection of the underlying cosmic order and interconnectedness that permeates our existence.

Image of 'Angelic Blueprint' Ashayana Deane

The Renewal of Twelve Strands of DNA:

Within the realm of esoteric knowledge and metaphysics, the concept of DNA activation has gained attention. It is believed that humans possess not only the traditional double helix DNA structure but also additional dormant strands. Activating these dormant strands is said to awaken dormant potential and enhance spiritual and physical well-being.

According to some proponents, the codes embedded within the Schumann Resonance can facilitate the renewal and activation of these twelve strands of DNA. As the resonance aligns with our own energetic blueprint, it is believed to initiate a process of transformation and self-realisation, leading to expanded consciousness and a deeper connection to our innate divinity.

Pellowah: Gateway to DNA Activation:

At the intersection of these profound cosmic energies lies Pellowah, a holistic healing modality that connects and activates all twelve strands of DNA. Pellowah, meaning "radical shift in consciousness" in an ancient Australian Aboriginal language, is believed to channel high-frequency energies to support personal growth, spiritual expansion, and transformation.

Pellowah energy healings operate at a higher vibrational level, enabling individuals to access and integrate the transformative potential of the Schumann Resonance codes within their energetic field. It is no coincidence that I found myself drawn to deliver Pellowah energy healings. I have been positioned to facilitate this remarkable journey for others, supporting their personal evolution and spiritual awakening.


In the tapestry of the universe, synchronicities abound, revealing connections that stretch beyond our conventional understanding. The convergence of the Schumann Resonance, sacred symbols, DNA activation, and Pellowah energy healing forms a captivating nexus of possibility and transformation.

As the Schumann Resonance unveils sacred symbols, it offers a glimpse into the profound order underlying our reality. The renewal of twelve strands of DNA, believed to be encoded within its frequencies, holds the potential for expansive growth and a deepening of our connection to the divine. Pellowah energy healing emerges as a gateway, allowing individuals to integrate these cosmic energies and embark on a remarkable journey of personal and spiritual evolution.

Embrace the synchronicity that has brought you to this point, for you have become a catalyst for transformation, a conduit through which the profound energies of renewal and awakening can flow. Embrace the codes within the Schumann Resonance, harness the power of Pellowah, and witness the limitless potential that awaits those who dare to embark on this sacred journey.


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