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Pellowah Healing Cumbria

Unlock your highest potential and experience a profound shift in consciousness with Pellowah Healing

What is Pellowah?

Pellowah is a powerful energy healing technique that helps individuals unlock their highest potential by connecting all 12 strands of DNA and unblocking and realigning the body's meridians. This beautiful practice creates a profound shift in consciousness, enabling clients to experience new expanded perceptions and a more objective outlook on life.


During a 45-60 minute session, clients remain fully clothed and experience a gentle, hands-off approach as the practitioner works within their energy field to build new pathways to awareness and consciousness. Our practitioners offer no interpretation during the session, as every experience is unique and deeply personal for the client.

"Pellowah opens the door to an expanded consciousness, offering a pathway to profound healing and transformation."

The Effects of Pellowah

The effects of Pellowah are truly life-changing, ranging from subtle to profound over time, and sometimes immediate. By increasing personal capacity for positive change and empowering individuals to take charge of their lives, Pellowah generates new and expanded perspectives, and fosters a new sense of well-being that only grows stronger over time.


The healing effects of Pellowah are a wonderful by-product of a "shift in consciousness." Through this practice, you can experience new expanded perception, and a more objective understanding and outlook on life.


What Else Might You Experience?

Pellowah brings healing through a shift in consciousness, offering expanded perception and a more objective outlook on life.

Additionally, it can bring:

  • Increase your personal capacity for positive change

  • Empowers you to take charge of your life

  • Generate new and expanded perspectives

  • Attain a new lightness and sense of well being that increases over time

  • Create a stronger connection to Source

  • Remove blocks, enabling clearer guidance

  • Connect the 12 strands of DNA

  • Activate the connected 12 strands of DNA

  • Increase inner strength and confidence

  • Overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression

  • Experience a greater feeling of inner peace, strength, and confidence

  • Make decisions that take you to higher levels within your own life

  • Clearer thoughts and less mental fog

  • Experience a more objective outlook on life

  • Gain insights required for your own life journey

  • Strengthen your intuitive connection

  • Align with a higher vibration and raise your vibration

  • Expands your consciousness

  • Experience both personal and spiritual expansion.

  • Unblock and realign all energy meridians within the body

"In the gentle embrace of Pellowah, the soul finds it's whispers heard and it's light ignited."

Pellowah Level I & II Course

If you are looking for a radical personal change, to establish positive lasting change in your life, to feel more stability in life, to find a sense of your true direction & purpose, to feel better, to bring about personal healing & greater wellbeing and much much more, then our Pellowah Level I & II Course is for you.

Whether your goal is to become a Pellowah practitioner or just for your own personal growth, positive lasting change in your life will be the result in any case.

What happens on the course?

Over the course of two days, you will receive comprehensive training in the Pellowah Healing Technique©, as taught by its founder Kachina Ma'an.

The program includes both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, allowing you to master the skills needed to perform Pellowah healings confidently. You will also receive powerful attunements for Level I and Level II, which are 10 and 100 times stronger than a regular healing, respectively.


Level I practitioner course comes with a certificate of completion.

We have courses throughout the year in locations around Cumbria and the UK. 

Pampas Grass

"Enrolling in the Pellowah course was a decision that changed the trajectory of my life. It's not just about learning a technique; it's about embarking on a soulful journey of growth, empowerment, and awakening to the limitless potential within."

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