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At The Soul Space, we offer an array of modalities, trainings, and events to support you on your wellness journey, no matter where you are on the path.


Our experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing personalised care and support to help you achieve your goals.

Join us for one of our treatments, events, or trainings and discover a world of holistic wellness.



With something for everyone, we create a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your spiritual side and find the modalities that work best for you. Our team of professional practitioners are highly trained and dedicated to guiding you towards greater physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

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If you're looking to deepen your spiritual practice or even embark on a new career path, we offer a range of courses to support your growth and development. Our courses are designed to nurture your inner wisdom and connect you to your true purpose.

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We are excited to offer a range of events at our beautiful Soul Space, designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. From workshops and seminars to guided meditations and healing circles, our events are crafted to support your journey towards greater awareness and fulfilment.

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Debra Review of The Soul Space
Calm Sea Colours review of The Soul Space
Debra's Life Changed
Bren Felt The Shift

After my session my head felt so clear and I felt like I had some kind of control back.

Everyday I feel like I can do a little bit more than I normally would and my family and friends have noticed it too , I cannot thank Pellowah and Sarah enough for helping me get a part of me back I thought I’d lost

Since my session, I’ve felt so much better. I’ve re-evaluated a lot that was going on in my life and been able to see things from a much higher perspective and it’s hard to put such a shift into words.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah. She is an absolute joy to know and is an incredible therapist.

Image by Samuel Austin


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