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Angelic Reiki Healing

Unveiling the Transformative Power of Angelic Reiki Healing

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What is Angelic Reiki?

Immerse yourself in the profound world of Angelic Reiki, a potent and gentle hands-on healing system that harnesses the transformative energies of the Angelic Kingdom of Light and intelligent "Beings of Light." This sacred therapy aims to release physical, emotional, ancestral, and karmic imbalances spanning across all times and incarnations.

Upon your initial visit, we prioritise understanding your unique needs through a comprehensive consultation. Once comfortable, you'll recline on a treatment bed, fully clothed and optionally covered by a blanket.

Guided by the Angelic Kingdom of Light and a dedicated healing angel, the session unfolds as a collaborative effort where we, as practitioners, act as pure channels facilitating the healing process between you and your angelic guide.

The Effects of Angelic Reiki

Angels have a deep understanding of our sadness, anxiety, worry, mindset, and root causes. They remove blockages not only from this life but also from past lives and across all time and incarnations, allowing you to move forward.


During a healing session, each person's experience is unique. You may witness light language, auditory sounds of high-pitched tones, and images of fire, water, flashes of light, and various healing colours such as green, blue, aquamarine, gold, orange, yellow, and violet. You may also experience physical sensations such as bubbling or rumbling in your tummy, pulsating, an expansion of the heart, feelings of warmth, extreme love, or the feeling that someone is holding you. Some may even sense a gentle breeze or feel tickling on their face or hand.


Ultimately, the experience is one of peace, calm, and love, and we look forward to helping you unlock your true potential through Angelic Reiki.

£40 - Please allow one hour for your appointment 

Image by Nico Frey
Cancellation Policy

A charge you 50% of the appointment fee will be taken for a 'no show' to the appointment or if you cancel without 24 hours notice.

Thank you

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